The Santa Kenny Story

Putting on the Red Suit isn’t just about saying Ho, Ho, Ho and being jolly. 
Putting on the red suit is about bringing joy to the joyless, hope to the hopeless, love to the loveless and smiles to those who do not believe they have anything to smile about. It is about sharing the spirit that makes up Christmas all year round.

I put on the hat in November of 2016 and I have not looked at the world the same since.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be one of the most recognized figures in the world, Santa Claus.

Being Santa is living life with the love and spirit of Christmas all year long.

This didn’t happen by accident. I believe that being Santa Kenny is a destiny in my life, that I may share the hope, love and joy of Christmas all year round.

I have been involved in acting since 2007, interacting with people of all ages – from toddlers to grandparents. I’ve performed as historical figures from the Elizabethan era at the Virginia Renaissance Faire in Spotsylvania, Virginia – putting smiles on the faces of young and old, so being Santa Kenny has been a natural transition for me.

I believe that the story of Santa Claus started with Saint Nicholas of Myra, who selflessly and secretly gave gifts to those in need as a way to help mankind. I like the simplicity of Christmas, where loved ones exchange gifts that come from the heart, not the bank account.

As Santa Kenny, I promote the traditions and spirit of Christmas through actions and a simple love for all of mankind. From my very first appearance as Santa Kenny in 2016, the magic of Christmas has grown tremendously in my heart and life. I am excited to have this awesome opportunity to be Santa Kenny and share the magic to all.

Santa Kenny is also joined by Mrs. Claus. Both of us are available for all of your Christmas needs throughout the year, bringing the joy and happiness of Christmas to children of all ages.

Santa Kenny and Mrs. Claus are available for corporate and private parties, parades and community events, special events, video messaging, multimedia marketing and modeling.