10 Things To Make Your East Coast Santa Visit a Memorable and Special Event

1. Be sure to provide the best cell phone number and point of contact for your event.

2.  If possible, have reserved or convenient parking for Santa’s arrival.

3.  Have someone ready to meet Santa and escort him to the location to ensure there are no delays in his arrival to the event.

4.  If gifts are being provided to give out during Santa’s visit please make sure they are available for Santa before he enters the event location.

5.  East Coast Santa will provide a custom visit to your event, based on what you arrange when you first contact East Coast Santa.  The most common activities include reading a family favorite Christmas book, storytelling with interactive props, taking photos and handing out gifts.

6.  Remember that Santa is used to temperatures at the North Pole so when he visits in his full suit he can get very hot.  Please make sure seating for Santa is away from heater vents or fireplace.

7.  Have a glass of ice water available for Santa during his visit.

8.  Be sure you have a nice background for pictures if East Coast Santa is not providing a photo backdrop. 

9.  When it is time to give out the gifts it is also time for Santa to prepare to leave the event.  It is best if all the gifts are given out but not unwrapped until the last person receives their gift and Santa does a countdown.  The countdown is to focus on opening the gifts while Santa makes a quick departure.  Santa will start the countdown and one of the adults will take over as Santa slips out.

10.  If you have not prepaid for the event the best way to pay Santa is by giving him a Christmas card.


Booking East Coast Santa is only a click away. Simply click on the Book Santa Kenny button and fill out the form with information on your event. East Coast Santa will reply and work with you to set up the best visit ever.


East Coast Santa totally understands that things can come up in life that can throw all of your best planning off your schedule.  If you have to cancel for any reason please let East Coast Santa know as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that when your schedule goes out the window and you have me booked then my schedule goes out the window too.

Finding the right SANTA

East Coast Santa knows that there are many fantastic Santas available in the Hampton Roads and surrounding areas. Remember - if Santa Kenny is already booked he can easily refer you to other great Santas that can provide a wonderful Santa experience. 


East Coast Santa does everything to meet your schedule. Your time is important and if Santa Kenny is available you will have a fantastic Santa experience. Please keep in mind that Santa Kenny’s schedule will be very busy around the holidays and may not be available at the time you request. Contact East Coast Santa and Santa Kenny will work with you to find a time that fits everybody’s schedule.

Any other questions?

If there are other questions, feel free to reach out to East Coast Santa at santa@eastcoastsanta.com